Eyelash Lamination Kit by Innovator Cosmetics A new set of compositions for the lamination procedure for practicing masters. It includes all the main preparations, including 2 BRONSUN dyes for tinting eyelashes and oxidant.

Eyelash lamination is currently the most in-demand procedure that gives eyelashes a beautiful curl, moisturizes and saturates them with pigment, beneficial microelements, vitamins, making the eyelashes look long and voluminous.

The procedure is recommended for both healthy eyelashes and for thin and weakened hairs. After the procedure, the volume of eyelashes increases by up to 30% due to the complex effect of the compositions. The hairs become smooth and shiny, acquiring a healthy appearance.

The improved formula of the compositions guarantees effective and delicate impact on the eyelash. The kit is designed for 50 procedures.

With the LASH LAMINATION compositions, you can be confident in the safety and effectiveness of the procedure!”

Lash Lamination

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